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Since 1993, Sarkar Office Japan KK has been a "Consulting and Administrative Legal Services" firm providing a "One-Stop Solution for Market Entry Support" in Japan, both at entry and post-entry level, to foreign companies of various sizes and scales, including entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, etc. 

Since 2006, we have provided Japan India Business Consulting Services. We have been advising Japanese companies and providing hands-on support in the market entry planning and implementation process, practical-based market research, localization, procurement assistance, business negotiation, identifying and screening local business partner(s), and monitoring local partners on behalf of the clients.


Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

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We serve clients from various sectors and nationalities, including multinational companies, major Japanese companies, Indian conglomerates, SMEs, NGOs, NPOs, government and semi-government agencies, and new start-ups.  


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