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Management Consulting & Administrative Legal Services
Japan "One-Stop Solution" Since 1993
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Founding Director - Sarkar Office Japan KK

Arup Sarkar, a Representative Director, has over three decades of experience as a Marketing, Management and Bridging Consultant, Cisco certified Business Auditor and Paralegal Advisor in Japan and Asia. Has extensive knowledge serving a multi-industry, nationality diversified clientele, MNC, SME, NGO, major Japanese Corporations, the Indian conglomerate, emerging growth company, government agency, semi-government organizations, and start-ups.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

Japan Branch, Company Incorporation, Registration, Formation

Have more than three decades of experience and in-depth knowledge as a “Marketing and Management Consultant” and a “Paralegal Adviser” in Japan.

Strengths in "new business development" in Japan, India and other Asian market and have dealt extensively with companies from the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, India and Japan.

Extensive knowledge in catering to multi-industry clientele and served industries such as Exclusive Members Clubs, Electronics and Computers, Digital Games, Information Technology, Educational systems (LLP), Food (processed to commodities such as meat, vegetables, seafood, etc.) and Beverages (mineral water, sports drinks, non-alcoholic annd alcoholic drinks, etc.), Jewelry and Precious stones, Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, Franchise and Retailing, Consumer goods, Financial and Security system, Real Estate, Garments and Textile, Trading, Payment Solutions, Fashion and designer’s products, etc.!

In the early ’90s, for many years have had worked closely with various government agencies in Japan on behalf of the clients, such as the Australian State Govt. offices of Victoria and Queensland, Australian Meat Corporation, Trade offices of Canada, Belgium, India, etc.

In the late ’90s and early 2000 for many years have had worked as the “Business Auditor” both in Japan and S-Korea for CISCO SYSTEMS (USA) and have had audited major firms such as NTT Communications, NTT PC Communications, NTT ME Corp., Hitachi, NEC, IBM, CTC (Itochu), Sumisho and many other major companies in both countries.

Facilitated foreign trainees under the JITCO system in Japan on behalf of the client(s) and have worked closely with JITCO, Japanese NPOs, and major Japanese companies.

Consulting for MNC to SME Japanese companies in practical market research and new business development in India, Hong Kong, Australia and other Asian markets.  

Have had assisted several Japanese companies on a project and assignment basis in target market research and new business development activities in India, Hong Kong, Australia and other Asian markets for companies such as Konica, Aeon Group companies, Nippon Flour Mills, Nitto Best, CSK (Sega), Sammy, Atlas, Nozaki, Okura, Pioneer, Denon, Dohsui, Toyota Tsusho (group co), Toyobo, Shogo Shoshas, etc.

Management (Bridging) Consulting Services

"India Market Entry Consulting Services for Japanese Companies"

Since 2006~07 have been involved in Marketing (Management and Bridging) Consultant for Japanese companies, with the focus to "Act as a Bridging Consultant‚” for Japanese companies interested in doing business in India for both pre and post-entry-level business support in bridging the gap re cultural and business ethics and other related areas both onsite and offshore basis.




Advising Japanese companies and providing hands-on support in market entry planning & implementation process, practical based target market research, localization, marketing & procurement, Licensing, Business negotiation, identifying & screening and introducing local business partner(s), monitoring local partners on behalf of the clients & supporting in other related activities.


  • Japan market-entry consulting and administrative, legal business services
  • Assist foreign corporations and entrepreneurs in setting up a business entity in Japan, including supporting post-entry operation!
  • Business Auditing (Cisco certified) (Japan, S-Korea & Asia)
  • Marketing & Management Consulting
  • New business development
  • Bridging Consulting (Bridging cultural and business ethics gap between Japanese and foreign companies, and localization)
  • Japan-India Bridging consulting (Market-entry strategy, practical based target market research, business negotiation, cost-effective procurement, screening, introducing, forging a business alliance with clients and monitoring local business partner(s), licensing, hands-on approach, etc.)

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