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Houjin Bangou

The Ins and Outs of Japan's Corporate Number (Houjin Bangou) 

Brief about Corporate Number  

In Japan, every corporation is assigned a unique identifier known as the Corporate Number (Houjin Bangou). This system was introduced in 2013 to streamline administrative processes and enhance transparency in corporate activities. Let's take a closer look at the Corporate Number, how it's used, and why it's important for businesses in Japan. 

The three basic pieces of information on corporations that have been assigned a Corporate Number 

1. Trade name or name, 

2. Address of head office or main office, and 

3. Corporate Number 

Are published on the National Tax Agency's Corporate Number Publication Site and are available for anyone to use freely.

 The Corporate Number is a 13-digit code assigned to each corporation, including companies, universities, and governmental organizations. This code is used for administrative purposes, such as tax filing, social security contributions, and business registration. By linking all relevant information to a single identifier, the government aims to simplify administrative procedures and reduce paperwork for businesses

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One key benefit of the Corporate Number system is improved transparency. The government can more easily track and oversee corporate activities by connecting various data points to a single identifier. This helps prevent fraud, tax evasion, and other illegal practices, ultimately benefiting both businesses and society as a whole. 

Houjin Bangou (Corporate Number) 

For businesses operating in Japan, a corporate number is assigned immediately after the Company's registration (since it’s implementation).  

Creating a Will for foreigners in Japan

 The tax authorities send the Corporate Number to the Company's registered address immediately after the registration. The corporate number is required to complete most of the administrative procedures in Japan.

 So, the next time you encounter the term "Corporate Number (Houjin Bangou)" in your business dealings, remember its importance and the role it plays in the Japanese corporate administrative landscape. It is equivalent to a Japanese TIN (Tax Identification Number). 

The Corporate Number (Houjin Bangou) can be checked on the National Tax Agency website

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