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Branch, Subsidiary Company (KK, GK) Registration
Statutory Compliance (Tax, Social Insurance, etc.)

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Japan Incorporation and Statutory Services

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Sarkar Office Japan KK - Incorporation - Statutory Services - Sample Documents

Japan Branch office, Company (Subsidiary Company, Kabushiki Kaisha, KK, Godo Kaisha, GK) Registration, incorporation and formation, post-registration statutory services Tax, Social Insurance, immigration, etc.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

Sarkar Office Japan - Company Incorporation Sample Docs

Setting up a legal entity (Branch Office, Subsidiary Company, KK, GK) in Japan - Sample documents

  • Signature Certificate - Sample
  • Affidavit - Branch Office Opening Registration - Sample
  • Affidavit – Subsidiary Company Registration - Sample
  • Affidavit - Branch Office Closing Registration - Sample
  • Power of Attorney - Japan Company Incorporation - Sample
  • Notarized Signature Certificate - Sample
  • Godo-Kaisha(GK) Acceptance Letter - Sample
  • Godo-Kaisha(GK) Seal Notification - Sample


Japan Post-registration Statutory mandatory requirements, notifications  (Samples - for reference only)

  • Notification of Incorporation/ Establishment of a Company - Sample
  • Notification of a Foreign Company Sample
  • Notification of Incorporation of a Company Sample
  • Application for Blue Form Return Sample
  • Notification of Establishment, Relocation, & Closure of an Office, Etc. Paying Salaries Sample
  • Application for Approval in Relation to the Special Provision for Due Dates for Withholding Income Tax Sample


Sarkar Office Japan KK - Sample documents

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Sarkar Office Japan KK Information and Documents re Branch Office, Company Registration & Administrative Legal Services - Sample Documents

Setting up of a Company, Branch Office in Japan - Sample

KK, GK Incorporation without Japan Resident

Sarkar Office Japan KK - A branch office, Kabushiki-Kaisha, Godo-Kaisha, KK, GK, LLC - Statutory requirements – Sample documents

Sarkar Office Japan KK - Administrative Legal Services (Optional services) - Sample Documents

  • Branch Office - "Sample List of Docs for Clients" (Registration) - Sample list
  • Subsidiary Company(KK/GK) - "Sample List of Docs for Clients" (Registration) - Sample list
  •  Tax Office Notifications(Statutory Filing)Post-Company Registration(Godo-Kaisha) - List
  • Tax Office Notifications(Statutory Filing)Post-Company Registration(Kabushiki-Kaisha) - List 
  • Temporary & Permanent Staff Agency Business License - Basic Criteria


 Sample Documents - Company Closure

  • GK Company Dissolution Registration Certificate - Sample
  • GK Company Liquidation Registration Certificate - Sample    




Sarkar Office Japan KK - Sample Documents

  • Administrative Business Service Agreement - Sample
  • Retainer Business Service Agreement - Sample


Sample Documents / Links (Govt. Agency) (For Reference only!)

  • Japan Withholding Salary Income Tax Deduction Table(source NTA) - Year 2021


Sarkar Office Japan KK - Sample documents

Privacy Policy - Sarkar Office Japan KK

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Japan Incorporation, Statutory Services

Japan Incorporation Sample Documents

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Japan Incorporation

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