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Management Consulting & Administrative Legal Services
Japan "One-Stop Solution" Since 1993
Branch office, KK, GK, Company Registration, Tax, Social Insurance, etc.

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About Us - Sarkar Office Japan KK

About Us and Our Brief History

Sarkar Office Japan KK is a "Bridging Consulting and Administrative Legal Services" firm in Japan that provides "One Stop Solution" for Market Entry Support at entry and post-entry-level business and administrative legal services to foreign companies and entrepreneurs since 1993.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

Japan Branch, Company Incorporation, Registration, Formation

Since 1993 the firm has been providing Administrative Legal Services to foreign companies from SMEs to MNCs, Japanese companies, Indian conglomerates, emerging growth companies, Govt. Agencies, Semi-govt. Organizations, NGOs, NPO and new start-up companies in Japan. Japan branch and company incorporation, post-incorporation administrative, legal services (such as Accounting, Payroll, Social Insurance, Corporate and Individual Tax, Immigration, etc.).  Assisting in set-up and run the local Japan legal-entity operation hassle-free with a controlled and preplanned strategy in the most cost-effective manner.

Since 1995 the firm has been providing “Consulting Services” Marketing, Management & Bridging Consulting, market entry planning, and implementation process support, business auditing, practical based target market research in association with conventional research approach, market development services, localization, marketing & procurement of products & services, identifying, screening, forging alliance & monitoring of local business partner(s) on behalf of the clients and support in other related business activities.


Since 2006~07, the firm has been providing Japan India Business Service.  We assist in Marketing, Management & Bridging Consulting, and Business services for Japanese companies. The focus is to "Act as a Bridging Consultant‚” for Japanese companies interested in doing business in India for both pre and post-entry level business support and assisting in bridging the gap re cultural & business ethics and other related areas. We have been advising Japanese companies and providing hands-on support in market entry planning and implementation process, practical based market research, localization, marketing & procurement, licensing, business negotiation, identifying & screening local business partner(s), monitoring local partners on behalf of the clients & supporting other related activities.  


The founding Director has over three decades of experience as a Bridging, Marketing Consultant, over a few decades of experience as a Paralegal Advisor in Japan, and many years of experience as a Cisco certified business auditor multi-industry and nationality clients in Japan and Asia.


All other Directors have over 20 years of Professional experience in Administrative, legal services in Japan in the areas such as Japan Company incorporation, Accounting, Payroll, Social Insurance, Corporate and Individual Tax, etc.


Brief profiles of the directors are available in our company profile.


All other consultants and associates have many years of experience and are professionals in consulting & administrative, legal services.

Management (Bridging) Consulting Services

"India Market Entry Consulting Services for Japanese Companies"

Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing “India Market Entry Business Consulting Service” since 2006~07 with the main focus to bridge the gap between Japan and India businesses and vice versa. We provide “Bridging Consulting Services” to Japanese Companies willing to do business in or with India.




Sarkar Office Japan 株式会社(SARKAR OFFICE®)は1993年に設立された経営管理コンサルティングおよび法務事務サービス会社です。サーカオフィスは、2006-07年からインド向けサービスを開始しました。




サーカーオフィス ジャパン株式会社は、2006年から07年にかけて日系企業向けにインドのビジネスサポートサービスを開始しました。インドとのビジネスを最も費用対効果の高い方法でサポートするため、日本企業を支援しています。 インドでビジネスをしたい日本の企業は、毎日常に変化し成長しているインド市場に精通した橋渡しコンサルタントに任せてください。

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