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Japan Immigration Sarkar Office® FAQ

Japan Immigration - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Japan Immigration, Work Permit, Status of Residence, Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application and procedure - Our Services - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ).

Sarkar Office Japan KK is a "Consulting and Administrative Legal Services" firm that has been providing “One-Stop Solution" for immigration, company registration & post-registration, tax, payroll, social insurance, accounting, bookkeeping, etc. both at entry & post-entry level to foreign companies and entrepreneur since 1993.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

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Q. Can Sarkar Office Japan KK (SOJK) help in Japan immigration (work visa) & finding a job in Japan?

A: We only assist in administrative, legal procedures re immigration matters for foreign expatriates for "Corporate clients." We DO NOT PROVIDE any service to individuals regarding find jobs.

Japanese Immigration - FAQ

Q. Can SOJK assist in Short-Term Japan visas (for a business visit, tourists, sight-seeing, etc.)?

A: NO. We only assist in immigration application & procedures re work-related visas, “Status of Residence” (work-permit) in Japan for foreign employees for "Corporate Clients". [Short-term visit visas (for a business visit, tourists, sight-seeing, etc.) are issued by the Japanese embassy or consulate overseas (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The Immigration Bureau of Japan issues work-permits under the Ministry of Justice.]

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Q. Can SOJK provide a “Free Consultation & Assessment Service” to evaluate a case for feedback regarding obtaining a work permit in Japan?

A: We DO NOT PROVIDEany “Free Consultation & Assessment Service.”

Q. Scope of administrative, legal services by SOJK?

A: Please refer to our “Administrative Services” page.

Q. Can SOJK give a 100% guarantee for obtaining a work-permit / status of residence in Japan & re all other immigration services?

A: We can’t provide any 100% guarantee as the decision is taken by “Immigration Bureau of Japan” under the Ministry of Justice. However, our success rate in handling immigration cases has been almost 100%.

Q. What is SOJK’s fee structure?

A: We charge our fees based on “Flat Fees Structure” per case and on a retainer basis.

Q. Can SOJK assist clients in guiding how to choose the best type/kind of local company or branch office incorporation suitable for the case and approximate investment required in Japan to have better chances in obtaining the work permit for foreign staffs from “Immigration Bureau of Japan”?

A: Yes, we do that through our “initial consultation & assessment process” of the case and provide suggestions for best-case scenarios for a particular issue! The “initial consultation & assessment process” is provided on a flat fee basis.

Q. Can SOJK guide in selecting the appropriate “status of residence” (work permit) to apply & the requirement & criteria for such application?

A: Yes, we do that through our “initial consultation & assessment process” of the case and provide suggestions for best-case scenarios for a particular subject. The “initial consultation & assessment process” is provided on a flat fee basis.

Q. How to proceed with SOJK for the “initial consultation & assessment process”?

A: Please send us a mail with brief details re the exact requirement along with information on the individual who will require a work permit, re employer in Japan or re starting a branch office or a local subsidiary company in Japan. After going through this information, we’ll let you know the additional information required and our fees for the “initial consultation & assessment process.”   

Q. What will be SOJK's retainer fees per month?

A: We will inform the fixed monthly retainer fees after completing the “initial consultation & assessment process.”

Important links: Some Important links re “Japan Immigration” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) & Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Immigration Bureau of Japan comes under MOJ are as below:

For official information, latest information, and changes, please visit MOFA & MOJ websites.

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