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Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing “One stop Japan Market Entry solution” to foreign companies & entrepreneur at entry & post entry level since 1993.

Japan Co incorporation & post-incorporation administrative & operational support

Setting up a Representative Office in Japan

Japan Branch Office Formation, Registration of a branch office in Japan

Setting up a Subsidiary Company in Japan, Establishing a domestic company in Japan
Japan Branch Office - The Steps and Procedure re Closing a Branch Office in Japan
Japan Kabushiki-Kaisha [KK] (joint-stock corporations) Formation Steps & Flow Chart
Japan Godo-Kaisha [GK] (Limited Liability Co] LLC Formation Steps and procedure Flow Chart
Opening of a Corporate Bank Account in Japan, Procedures, Requirements & Time-frame

Since 1995 has been providing “Consulting Services” Marketing, Management & Bridging Consulting, market-entry planning and implementation process support, business auditing service however, the founding Director has over 30 years experience in the said area.

Since 06~07 have been involved in India market entry Consulting service for Japanese co., with the focus to ‚”Act as a Bridging Consultant‚” for them in target market.

Japan~India Market Entry Support Services! Sarkar Office® bridging partner for India business!
Japan~India Bridging, Marketing, Management Consulting Services


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Consulting & Administrative Services
"One-Stop Solution"
[Market-entry support, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.]
"Since 1993"

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