Sarkar Office Japan KK

Sarkar Office Japan KK

Management Consulting & Administrative Legal Services
Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"
Branch office, KK, GK, Company Registration, Tax, Social Insurance, etc.

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Why Sarkar Office?

Japan Administrative Legal Services - Why Sarkar Office?

Japan Branch office, Company ( subsidiary company, Kabushiki Kaisha, KK, Godo Kaisha, GK) Registration, incorporation & formation, post-registration statutory services Tax, Social Insurance, immigration, etc.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

Japan Why Sarkar Office?

Sarkar Office Japan KK is a "Bridging Consulting and Administrative Services" firm involved in providing “One Stop Solution for Market Entry Support” to entry and post-entry level, business legal services to foreign companies & entrepreneurs since 1993. Providing Japan branch-office & company incorporation & post-incorporation services accounting & payroll services, corporate & individual tax return, social Insurance, immigration, social insurance, company registry search & report, etc.

Japan Incorporation & Statutory Services

Why consider Sarkar Office Japan KK “Administrative Legal Services” in Japan?

  • Since 1993 assisting foreign co. & entrepreneur to establish in Japan legal entity & to operate the Japan operation hassle-free and with a controlled & preplanned strategy in a most cost-effective manner.

Japan Incorporation

  • All our Legal Consultants have over 20 years of professional experience in Japan and have experience handling various types of cases, including very complex issues.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience handling diversified clientele comprising of multinational companies, major Japanese companies, the Indian conglomerate, small & medium size companies, emerging growth companies, NGO, NPO, government agencies, and semi-government organizations, embassy & consulates of foreign countries, and new start-up companies.
  • We have decades of long experience handling various types & a wide range of clients from an extensive range of industries/sectors and nationalities.
  • We provide prompt, efficient & highly professional service at par (if not better) compared to multi-national & large administrative-legal firms in Japan at a fraction of the fees charged by those firms.
  • Cases handled by us have a success rate of almost 100% as we only take cases after assessment and vetting.
  • We charge a reasonable fee based on a flat-fee system on an assignment & case basis and not on a time-spent basis enabling our clients to do firm financial planning re Japan administrative, operational costs both at entry & post-entry-level.
  • Clients overseas office, i.e., head office, the parent company can communicate directly, making your Japan office administrator & HR department job easier & trouble-free.
  • We provide our clients a ”Single Point Contact” for all business administrative requirements in Japan, and it gives them solutions to simplify their Japan operation.


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Japan Incorporation, Statutory Services

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