Sarkar Office Japan KK is a "Bridging Consulting and Administrative Services" firm involved in providing “One Stop Solution for Market Entry Support” to both entry and post-entry level, business legal services to foreign companies & entrepreneur since 1993. Providing Japan branch-office & company incorporation & post-incorporation services accounting & payroll services, corporate & individual tax return, social Insurance, immigration, social insurance, company registry search & report etc.

Why to consider Sarkar Office Japan KK “Administrative Legal Services” in Japan?  

Since 1993 assisting foreign co. & entrepreneur to establish in Japan legal entity & to operate the Japan operation hassle free and with a controlled & preplanned strategy in most cost-effective manner.

We provide our clients a ”A Single Point Contact” for all business administrative requirements in Japan and it gives them solution to simplify their Japan operation.

For further information please contact us by mail.

P.S. For all New & General Inquiries about our services please send us a mail.

Please note: "We Do Not Conduct any Consultation on Phone".



Consulting & Administrative Services
"One-Stop Solution"
[Market-entry support, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.]
"Since 1993"

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