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Management Consulting & Administrative Legal Services
Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"
Branch office, KK, GK, Company Registration, Tax, Social Insurance etc.

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Japan Administrative Legal Services

Branch office, Company ( subsidiary company, Kabushiki Kaisha, KK, Godo Kaisha, GK) Registration, incorporation & formation and post registration statutory services Tax, Social Insurance, immigration etc.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"

Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing business administrative legal services such as branch office, company formation, registration, incorporation, legal-entity establishment in Japan & in other some other locations via local associates. Post-incorporation services such as corporate and individual tax return, accounting, payroll, social Insurance, immigration, & other legal services in Japan both at entry level and post- entry level support to foreign companies & entrepreneur since 1993. Assisting to operate the local Japan legal-entity business operation hassle free & with a controlled & preplanned strategy in most cost-effective manner.

Japan Incorporation & Statutory Services

"Services provided at a glance"

"Japan branch & local company incorporation service"

  • Incorporation, Registration & Formation of a Branch office of a foreign company
  • Incorporation, Registration & Formation of a subsidiary local company (Kabushiki-Kaisha [KK] or (Godo-Kaisha) [GK] / LLC, LLP etc.


"Post Incorporation Statutory service"

  • Monthly Payroll
  • Accounting & Book-keeping as per local standard
  • Year-end adjustment for staff salary withholding income tax (Mandatory requirement for Employer in Japan)
  • Staff Individual Tax return (in case of multiple source of income or income above 20M yen)
  • Staff enrollment of Social Insurance & ongoing support as required based on local regulation
  • Corporate Annual Tax return (Mandatory requirement for Branch or Local Co)
  • Application & procedure re Immigration services (Status of Residence [Work Permit]) for foreign employee from overseas or local hire & ongoing support as required based on local regulation

" Administrative service"

  • Japanese Company Registry Information as per Government Authority (ROC) search & record.
  • Obtaining Special license (if required, optional, case by case) for a particular activities if required as per local regulation such as: license for Temporary worker dispatch; Permanent worker dispatch etc.

" Other Business service"

  • Virtual business entity establishment & operation in Japan (subject to evaluation of a particular case & after doing proper due-diligence) and local staff recruitment assistance (introduction to professional firms, case by case)
  • Virtual Office / Business center support (introduction to professional firms, case by case)
  • We offer tailor made solution for client's specific requirement including out of box solution (subject to evaluation, case by case)
  • Undertake assignment to assist client to look after their day to day activities in Japan (only after evaluation / assessment of the Client's business activities in Japan, requirement & after doing the proper due-diligence re the Client’s proposed business activities in Japan) (optional, case by case)
  • All administrative business issues in Japan as "One Stop Solution" except legal court cases.


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