Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing business administrative legal services such as branch office, company formation, registration, incorporation, legal-entity establishment in Japan & in other some other locations via local associates. Post-incorporation services such as corporate and individual tax return, accounting, payroll, social Insurance, immigration, & other legal services in Japan both at entry level and post- entry level support to foreign companies & entrepreneur since 1993. Assisting to operate the local Japan legal-entity business operation hassle free & with a controlled & preplanned strategy in most cost-effective manner.

Services provided at a glance

 Japan Incorporation Service: -

 Post incorporation Service: -

 Administration Service: -

 Other Business Service: -

For further information please contact us by mail.

P.S. For all new first time general inquiries about our services please send us a mail.
Please note: "We Do Not Conduct any Consultation on Phone for the above said matters".


Management Consulting & Administrative Legal Services
"One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"
Japan Branch, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.

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