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Kabushiki-Kaisha (KK Co) Registration

Japan Kabushiki-Kaisha (KK Co.) Registration, Incorporation, Formation. Setting-up of a Kabushiki-Kaisha (KK Co.) in Japan. Opening up a legal entity (KK Co.) and business presence in Japan.

A Kabushiki Kaisha, commonly abbreviated KK, is a company defined under the “Companies Act of Japan.” A KK must include "株式会社" in its name either as a prefix (i.e., in Japanese “mae-kabu”) or suffix (i.e., in Japanese “ato-kabu”). The term KK co is often referred to in English as “joint-stock company.” However, as a co name in English, “KK” is mostly used as Co. Ltd.

Japan "One-Stop Solution" "Since 1993"


Since the new Companies Act effective May 1, 2006, a KK company in Japan can be registered with a capital of 1(one) yen. Except for KK in kanji character ("株式会社"), the company name can be mentioned on the registration record in the English alphabet, i.e., ABC Consulting 株式会社 or 株式会社 ABC Consulting.

Japan Kabushiki-Kaisha (KK Co.) Incorporation, Registration, Formation Services

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An individual or a corporation can incorporate a Kabushiki-Kaisha (KK Co.). Since the changes in the Companies Act effective March 2015, a KK Co. can be registered without a “Local Resident in Japan,” i.e., No “Local Resident in Japan” is required either as "Shareholder" and or "Director."  


Note: re exception allowed that No "Local Resident in Japan" is required as mandatory for registration of a “local/subsidiary company” since the change of regulation effective Mar'2015.


The tax structure is the same for KK Co. and other types of legal entities in Japan. Thus it makes a minor issue while deciding on the type of company for registration. On the other hand, a KK co in Japan enjoys a more prestigious status as a business entity. 


Time-frame for registration: Depends on the structure of investors, directors (executive officers), etc. Upon applying to Legal Affairs Bureau for registration, it takes about 2(two) weeks to obtain a company registration certificate.


For further details, please refer to the registration flowchart of KK Co.


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