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Consulting Services - Guidelines

Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing Management, Marketing and Bridging Consulting services, market Entry planning and implementation process support, practical-based market research in association with conventional market research and market development services, Business Auditing, and other related business services since 1995. However, the Founding Director has over three decades experience as a Marketing, Management and Bridging Consultant, Business Auditor (Cisco Systems), and Paralegal Advisor in Japan and Asia and has extensive knowledge as a “Consultant.”

Bridging Consulting Services for Japanese companies for "India Business."


Since 2006~2007 have been involved in Management, Marketing and Bridging Consultant for Japanese companies, with the focus to "Act as a Bridging Consultant‚” for Japanese companies interested in doing business in India for both pre and post-entry-level business support in bridging the gap re cultural and business ethics and other related areas.

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Management (Bridging) Consulting Services

"India Market Entry Consulting Services for Japanese Companies"

Business Entry and Hands-on Support

We provide consulting services re market development activities as your local arm in the market both at entry and post-entry level support, hands-on support.

We work as Market Development Consultant on mutually agreeable terms and support the client on the ground level and conduct your business activities to extend your own operation.




The Primary Service procedure is as outlined below:-

  •  QMRP-Quick Market Research based on a practical approach for finding the present market scenario, opportunity, and hurdles and provide suggestions based on the outcome of the exercise.
  • Identifying the appropriate local business partner(s) (depending on the nature of the client's requirement, product, and or service).
  • Qualifying the identified local business partner(s).
  • Arranging meeting(s) with selected local prospective business partner(s) at an appropriate time and in a time-bound manner as per the “Terms of Reference” guideline.
  • Attending the clients in all such pre-qualified meeting(s) introducing the client to the selected potential business partner(s) to enhance the possible opportunity with a controlled and pre-judged cost and time.
  • Identification and suggestion concerning the appropriate business method and strategy with selected business partner(s).
  • Localization and implementation of the market development program which suits the client’s specific need and requirement.
  • “Bridging Gap” re cultural, business ethics, traditional difference, language and cross border business and other related factors.
  • Business negotiation with local business partner(s) as per client's requirement, target, and local market goal.
  • Post-entry-level monitoring of local business partner(s) performance on behalf of the client in the local market.
  • An assignment is taken after the initial assessment, detailed QA and evaluation, and once a project is taken, it has been carried out as teamwork between our client and us and the client's support re specific technical issues and all other related matters which are normally outlined at the time of submitting the precise “Terms of Reference” (TOR) and Quotation.  

All services provided are tailor-made to meet the client's specific requirement rather than following a template approach.

Overall assistance in conducting the business in the most cost and time-effective manner, acting as your local arm to give the client total control in the local market and other related business activities.


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For further information please contact us by mail. Contact Sarkar Office Japan KK

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